What To Wear To An Engagement Party

What To Wear To An Engagement Party

What to wear to an engagement party

The wedding season is filled with many occasions to celebrate love. Engagement parties have become popular to commence the celebrations and wish the happy couple luck with the planning of the big day. Engagement parties can take many forms but are usually less formal than the wedding, so dressing for the occasion will require bespoke planning to look and feel your best. Along with being a pre-eminent destination for wedding outfits, Carla Zampatti offers a range of seasonal pieces that are sure to be perfect engagement party outfits.

What is an engagement party?

A party that has gained more traction in recent years, an engagement party is planned by the newly engaged bride and groom to-be soon after the proposal. This is an occasion to rejoice that the happy couple have become betrothed, and can take the form of a cocktail party, formal dinner, afternoon drinks or at home soirée. Since the location will be less formal than the wedding, you have wider choice in terms of your outfit, and can even utilise garments you have in your existing wardrobe to wear to the occasion. There are, however, a few dos and don’ts to engagement party etiquette that will ensure you are ready wherever the location.

Engagement party etiquette

Like a wedding, attending an engagement party come with a few etiquette considerations that you should keep in mind. Unless specified otherwise, one of the most important rules to follow is not to wear white. This is the time for the bride to stand out in a stunning white look, so spare your white wardrobe additions for another occasion. Another consideration is whether you should bring a gift to the engagement party. Although not customary to do so, bringing a small gift such as flowers or a bottle of champagne is be a nice token to bring if the event is at the family home.

Engagement party dress codes

Depending on the formality of the event, the hosts will let you know the critical information, such as venue and time of day. This is unless it’s an impromptu celebration where spontaneity will reign supreme and whatever your outfit will have to do! For most engagement parties, they will be planned soon after the engagement, so it being planned in short notice is likely. The engagement is likely to be less formal than the wedding, so often there is no need to purchase an entirely new look to wear. This is one of the opportunities to look through our existing collection to wear one of your cherished pieces – yet another reason to invest in your seasonal wardrobe! A floral dress is perfect in bright jewel tones for Spring and Summer, while a jumpsuit in emerald or navy is a gorgeous option for Autumn-Winter.

The to-be bride & groom

As the newly engaged couple, the decisions for the engagement party will need to remain within a few months of the engagement. This is so you can celebrate right away! Planning a wedding involves a lot of planning, but organising an engagement party can be a little more low-key. In Summer, opt for a timeless white cotton midi dress for the bride and a linen suit jacket and chinos for the groom. For cooler climates and the Winter months, white crepe and feather trim will add a touch of drama to your look. Once the date and venue are confirmed, the guest list should be finalised and invitations sent out – this could take the form of an e-invite for ease while saving a printed invite for the actual wedding’s invitation.

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