The Carla Zampatti Runway

Carla's ground-breaking contribution to the Australian Fashion industry over her 56-year career was recently recognised at Australian Fashion Week 2021 with a runaway named in her honour.

Named in perpetuity, the Carla Zampatti Runway was launched by the Honourable Julie Bishop on May 31 at Sydney’s Carriageworks. 

Carla loved the magic of a runway show - she knew it pushed her creatively, and that is why she did it. She loved the collaboration - the wonderful musicians, makeup artists, models, hair stylist, staging support, stylists, PR – it was such an orchestration. And she loved how proud her team were to see their work on show.

And just like Carla did every Australian Fashion Week, we too look forward to seeing the inspirational designs the Carla Zampatti Runway will display in the years to come.

Tribute Fashion Show & Luncheon

In July 2021 Brisbane’s Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust staged a luncheon and fashion show showcasing the new spring/summer collection in Carla Zampatti’s honour. The beautiful event recognised Carla’s legacy of championing women and women’s causes, with funds raised on the day going on to support The Forgotten Women, a project which aims to support homeless women over 55.

Captured in these photos are also some of the amazing guests who had chosen to wear their own Carla Zampatti pieces to the event. A spectacular and moving gesture illustrating the impact Carla had on so many.

Carla Zampatti Arts and Culture Medal

In March 2022, the NSW Premier announced the inaugural Carla Zampatti Arts and Culture Medal at the Premier’s Harmony Dinner. This award recognises the achievements of an individual who has promoted cultural understanding, and artistic endeavours within or between communities of different cultural and/or linguistic backgrounds.

Carla Zampatti was a passionate Italian, but she was also a very patriotic Australian. She represents the very best of Australia. She arrived as a child, a non-English-speaking post-war immigrant. She worked hard and eventually became an icon for immigrants, women and the arts. The international media acknowledgements after her death owed less to her fashion and business skills than to her extraordinary success story from such unlikely beginnings. It is an honour that she has been recognised by the NSW Premier in this way, both with her inclusion on the Honour Roll and the annual Carla Zampatti Medal for Arts and Culture.

The Carla Zampatti Arts and Cultural Medal will continue to positively impact the community in the years ahead by fostering new talent encouraging designers to follow their dreams and show both women and migrants that they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it.