What To Wear To A Party - Best Party Wear Outfit Ideas

What To Wear To A Party - Best Party Wear Outfit Ideas

Whatever the occasion, your personal style can shine through with our guide to party wear etiquette. From intimate soirees at a close friend’s house to a formal function or charity ball, this guide is sure to inspire the perfect outfit. 

Party Dress Codes

If your host or hostess has planned their party in advance, it is likely that they will advise a particular dress code for you to base your outfit on. A dress code will also give you an expectation on the level of formality that the party is expected to be. Deciphering a dress code is paramount to ensuring your wardrobe holds a multitude of options that you can rely on when receiving an invitation. 

Dinner Party

Whether the venue is at a friend’s house or a private dining room, your outfit should be suitable for sitting down. Wearing a skirt that is too short or a top too low-cut can leave you feeling uncomfortable and constantly readjusting your outfit. An always chic option is a wrap dress or silhouette that incorporates a sash at the waist that can be cinched into the perfect comfort level. Carla always sought to elegantly celebrate the female silhouette and knew the perfect blazer would sculpt the body in the most flattering way.

Christmas Party

Party invitations inevitably flood your calendar in the weeks surrounding Christmas. Summer barbecues, boat parties, and family lunches are on the agenda and call for effortless linen and cotton in feminine silhouettes. A white linen button-down will be your casual party staple – pair with denim jeans and sandals or cinch a shirt dress in with a neutral belt. For Christmas Day, a linen midi dress with a sculptural neckline is an always elegant option. The evening can either be a casual affair, or a swift transition into a satin slip for candlelit Australian Christmas dinner in the balmy summer air.

Work Party Outfits

When planning a look for a work party, it is a great opportunity to express your personal style and show your co-workers a more personal reflection of who you are. A bright colour or a statement print are great ways to update your office look for a more social setting. Add a subtle shade of lipstick and a darker eye to transform your 9-5 makeup into an evening look. Keeping in mind, that your outfit and makeup should still be work-appropriate – save your eyelashes, mini dresses, and low-cut necklines for a more intimate soiree. 

Cocktail Party

At Carla Zampatti, one of the most recurring questions we get asked from our clients is ‘what should I wear to a cocktail party?’ If you follow the rules for a cocktail party outfit, opt for a short dress that sits on or above the knee. The style of the dress should be formal, yet can be playful with colour, texture, and shape. If A-line dresses are not your personal style, a jumpsuit can be a sleek number to make your cocktail party look more you

Bachelorette Party 

A bachelorette party outfit (or hen party outfit) is a fun occasion to shop for! As one of the bride’s closest friends or family members, you will have access to all the knowledge to keep in mind when looking for a party wear outfit. There are many options for bachelorette party dress codes – some are themed by colour, or activity. For example, a pink-themed party where all guests are in pink and the bride in white, or the inverse!

Winter Party Outfits

Dressing for a winter party should keep the most important element in mind: keeping you warm. It is neither chic nor comfortable to wear a skin-exposing summer dress in the height of winter. Bearing in mind that most winter events will be held indoors, you won’t be required to wear a coat all night, however your outfit should still be sympathetic to the season. Sumptuous velvets and figure sculpting crepe are gorgeous fabrics to begin your winter outfit hunt. Soft drapes and sharp tailoring are hallmarks of a beautiful winter look; elements that have been refined over decades at Carla Zampatti. 


What are the best outfits to invest in?

When investing in designer party outfits, one of the items that should be at the top of your list is a little black dress. From date nights, to work events, an LBD is a necessary party outfit investment. Look for easy-care fabrics and a silhouette flattering for your body shape. 

What to wear to an engagement party?

Our best tips for what to wear to an engagement party can be read here.

How should I dress for a casual party?

Dressing for a casual party can still mean looking your best in a special designer party outfit. Many designers have moved towards functional dressing that can be dressed up or down with a change of accessories. Many midi dresses can be dressed down with a pair of flats and a more casual bag. For a daytime party, stick with natural fibres in a relaxed silhouette. Shop our leisure edit here for perfect casual wear attire.


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