The Best-Dressed Guest: The Autumn Wedding Edit

The Best-Dressed Guest: The Autumn Wedding Edit

Dressing for an Autumn wedding can extend multiple fashion opportunities that Spring or Summer wedding’s do not permit. Long sleeve designs in rich fabrics and darker hues are timeless and chic options for cooler timed celebrations. The key to being the best dressed guest however, is feeling comfortable and confident in your outfit throughout the entire day. The Carla Zampatti wedding guest dress edit features cool weather wedding outfits that are sure to transition seamlessly into your Autumn event calendar.

When your close friends and families get engaged, receiving an invitation from the happy couple is always a moment of joy. The yearly wedding calendar sprawls across all seasons, each coming with its respective outfit need. Starting to shop for (or think about) a wedding guest outfit early, will ensure that you dress for the time of year perfectly.

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What to wear to an Autumn wedding?

Dressing for an Autumn wedding means that you can experiment more with silhouette’s, sleeves and accessories. Long dresses, full sleeves and floating skirts are all go-to’s for an Autumnal celebration. Dressing appropriately for the season however, doesn’t mean that you have to choose a very thick and heavy material – instead, a matching or complimentary jacket can elevate your look while keeping you comfortable (especially for outdoor ceremonies and receptions). Long dresses in georgette and silk are always fantastic options, especially if they are in a more casual colourway. Adding dressy accessories can instantly elevate the look, while also having the option to re-wear the dress with boots and a belt on the weekends.

When to start shopping for a wedding guest outfit

Ensuring you have enough time to shop for your new outfit is key to planning in advance and making sure you feel amazing on the day. Usually you will receive a wedding invitation or save the date months in advance, so keeping your eye out in the months leading up to the wedding can easily be done as you have a specific date to work towards. A great

Wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding

Jumpsuits can be an unexpected winner for wedding guest dressing, particularly in Autumn or Winter as you will have the added benefit of pants. Carla Zampatti is known for designing expertly tailored jumpsuits in a variety of wedding friendly fabrics in signature crepe; which has the added bonus of being crease resistant.

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How to dress for the dress code

It is common practice for the bride and groom to specify their desired wedding guest dress code on the wedding invitation – this gives you a clear vision of the level of formality planned. However, from white tie to dressy casual, navigating dress codes can be difficult, so reading into the dress code will ensure you plan perfectly.   

  1. Black tie – dressing for an Autumn black-tie wedding requires a long dress in a formal silhouette. Darker colours and florals should take precedence over bright and neon looks (you can reserve these for your summer events).
  2. Dressy/Formal – for this dress code, you can opt for a midi or shorter dress than with black-tie. A good guide is whether you would wear the outfit to a formal sit-down restaurant. Delicate fabrics such as silk and georgette can be preferred as they instantly will make your outfit more formal.
  3. Semi-Formal – think more relaxed dresses in easy to wear fabrics – such as a short-frilled number in rayon or nylon. You can also experiment with a bold print instead of opting for a delicate silk or satin. For semi-formal footwear, a low-heeled sandal or pretty flat will fit the occasion.
  4. Casual – the most laid-back dress code, wearing a casual wedding guest outfit can compose of a nice blouse paired with a skirt or pair of trousers. The location of the wedding will also give you an insight into the style of clothes; for example, if it is at a beach you can choose a relaxed beach linen dress.

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