How To Always Look Chic — 6 Style Tips For Chic Outfits

How To Always Look Chic — 6 Style Tips For Chic Outfits

Sartorial dressing never goes out of style. Blessed by expert tailoring, considered colour pairings and proportional styling, chic outfits exude a timeless appeal that will see you through any occasion with effortless confidence. From formal dressing to casual ensembles, learning how to always look chic will lend you an extraordinary ability to outfit yourself with a ‘put together’ look you just threw on before running out the door. If you’re ready to elevate your aesthetic, read on to incorporate some chic outfit ideas.

Put your basics on show

There are reasons why you always return to the same garments time and time again. Often overlooked, basics are firm favourites and a classic go-to in any woman’s wardrobe. Easy to wear, a capsule collection of foundational garments can effortlessly be paired and layered together, mixed and matched to create multiple chic outfits with the same pieces in different combinations. Designed to give an enduring sophistication, Carla Zampatti is known for timeless cuts and sleek, structured silhouettes. A classic hallmark in each collection, blazers make the ideal pairing for chic outfits. Team your piece with a blouse, silk skirt, or cigarette pants for classic suiting, or add a masculine touch over a patterned or monochrome dress.

Dress to your body type

Tall, athletic, lithe and full-figured — bodies come in all shapes and sizes. While there is no such thing as the perfect body, our mission is to dress you so you feel your best. Once you learn to dress for your body and how to always look chic, your differences will soon become your biggest asset.

When it comes to clothing and chic outfit ideas, no size fits all. Petite frames may find billowing draped garments constricting and giving the impression they are shorter. While athletic, rectangular body types can revel in their plush fabrications that soften their defined figure. If you’re looking for form-flattering clothing, experiment with different cuts and observe how they accentuate your favourite features.

Add depth with colour

Whether you're keeping it bright in a colour block of pastels, creating a streamlined look with the same hues across your top and bottom, or adding texture by pairing similar tonal colours from the same colour family. Using colour to instil dimension to your ensembles will impress a higher standard of finesse and a chic outfit idea your girlfriends will swoon over. 

If you’re wary of introducing new colour combinations into your wardrobe, start with a single pop of colour to showcase a favourite garment or detail before you work up to a statement-making nude reptile print maxi dress or an olive jumpsuit in a slinky velvet material.

Once you’ve mastered mixing colours, make the jump to pairing clashing patterns for a unique and textural effect. Never one to compromise or hold back, learning how to always look chic will open you up to endless styling possibilities.

Selectively tap into trends 

Trends come and go, and you will often be left with an album of memories showing your fashion scores and misses. While trends are a fun way to reinvent your style, they can leave you looking dated and dull in time. 

Chic outfits combine the best of both worlds, resting on timeless cuts that match your body while keeping to your overall aesthetic. Trendy garments and accessories that naturally match your personal style will comfortably fit into your wardrobe rotation and give your looks longevity.

Accessorise with purpose

An elegant adornment of lustrous necklaces, earrings, bracelets and a fine watch can go a long way to elevating your chic outfits. As the finishing touch to tie your outfit together, it’s important to understand how to balance jewellery in proportion to each other.

Lead with a single statement piece that is followed by matching, understated pieces that complement each other without competing. Pairing a floor-length gown with a low neckline creates the perfect setting to gild your decollete with a grand necklace. Layer your wrist with a slender diamond bracelet, or opt for small studded earrings.

Dress to the occasion

The Carla Zampatti woman feels confident and comfortable in her chic outfits. From casual dressing for relaxed events to showing up for formal events, she doesn’t rely on formalwear to carry a demure air. Dressing to the occasion is one of the best chic outfit ideas you can follow. 

Being overly outfitted in an informal setting will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons, not to mention if you don’t respect the dress code requested by the host, it can be poor etiquette.

How to always look chic with Carla Zampatti

Step out with confidence and an enduring style with chic outfits from Carla Zampatti. An eminent Australian fashion monolith prized for luxurious fabrications, timeless cuts and structured designs, slip into this season’s collections and find a feminine, distinguished number to flatter your figure.

From stately gowns, sleek pants and structured, oversized blazers, explore the lookbook today and get inspired by chic outfit ideas you can find in our online store. If you need assistance styling the perfect chic outfit, contact us — we’d be more than happy to help.

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