Fashion Trends: The Ultimate Guide for Picking The Best Outfit for 2021

Fashion Trends: The Ultimate Guide for Picking The Best Outfit for 2021

The past year has seen a shift towards functional dressing, where customers want more value out of their purchases and increased versatility for all their wardrobe selects. Carla Zampatti has remained at the forefront of no-nonsense dressing by combining Italian sensibility with Australian effortlessness. This edit will give you tips that you can put into action to make your Spring 2021 outfit standout above the rest, and earn it’s keep in your curated wardrobe. 


This season, colour is king. The best outfits of Spring 2021 don’t mind about standing out above the rest. Apple green, bright red and refreshing citrus dominate the runways and the Carla Zampatti collection alike. The increased awareness that clothes need to make you feel good, is a strong value that has emerged post-pandemic. Carla’s penchant for bold, jewel tones hues combine this new optimism focused trend with streamlined tailoring that is exquisitely crafted for the female silhouette.


Versatility is the word of 2021 dressing. Getting the most out of your purchases is something buyers have an increased focus on, particularly as working from home has become a reality for many. Dressing your garments up or down is essential to achieve the best cost per wear, while knowing that your purchases can be worn for multiple looks will make you feel more confident in your purchases. With an increasingly larger focus on sustainability, shopping for designer outfits online means that the pieces you do choose to invest in are more worth it. Access to better quality fabrics will mean that your garments wear better over time and have had more time dedicated to their unique design and fit. A well-tailored blazer for example is one of the most versatile pieces you can invest in. From 9-5 meetings in the week, to a pared back weekend look with jeans, a blazer is an essential piece to have in your wardrobe.


One of the key principles of Carla’s designs were that minimalistic tailoring and a good fit were key to dressing well. When a garment considers the unique feminine silhouette, the piece speaks for itself as the beauty of the tailoring will enable any fabric to look beautiful. This year, minimalism has been juxtaposed against bright jewel tones of green, red, yellow and blue. The colours of 2021 reflect optimism, perseverance and a celebration of collective resilience. One of this year’s top trends, is a bright pant suit that embraces minimalism but with a colour pop twist. Shop Spring ’21 here.

Luxe Investments

Whether it is a designer outfit, accessory or bag, one of the key trends this year is investing in fewer pieces that are destined to last in your wardrobe for seasons to come. Over the last five decades, Carla Zampatti outfits have become collectable pieces that will shine in your wardrobe. Investing in designer dresses and designer jackets will become central pieces in your wardrobe, as they are bound to accompany many special occasions and events. One of the best trends that you can look to for this year, is selecting pieces that you can wear to your most important days, and have them as cherished memories that will make you feel confident on every occasion you wear them to.

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