8 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

8 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

Dressing elegantly can be achieved through following a few key style tips that make building your outfit effortless. One of the key principles that Carla Zampatti adheres to is that simplicity is always key. When asked about clothing advice for women, Carla always would point to the fact that your clothes should make you feel important. Instead of your clothes outwearing you, it is critical for you to feel confident inside them, as when you feel your best, you are more equipped to take on the world. 

Swap out your wardrobe seasonally 

A key tip for getting the most out of your limited wardrobe real estate is to swap out your wardrobe seasonally. Ensuring that your wardrobe is organised this way will make getting ready a lot more efficient and effortless. Having all your summer dresses, skirts, blouses and more in full view will enable all our outfit choices to be front and centre. A bonus styling tip is to colour co-ordinate your garments, so finding that white blouse to wear with your trousers is a breeze; or calls for a trip to the shops if you realise you don’t have what you need!

Invest in basics

One of the most overlooked investments in your wardrobe is not your party dresses, nor your statement palazzo pants - but instead the tried and tested basics that are on high rotation. Choosing a designer cami or blazer, will result in a dramatically low cost per wear, as these but some of the items that are featured from 9-5 and beyond day-in and day-out. Designer basics are designed with longevity in mind, and alongside the benefit of additional design features, designer pieces are a result of years of careful tailoring and refinement.

Know your shape

A style tip that will never go out of fashion, is dressing for your unique body shape. At Carla Zampatti, our mission is to empower every woman through clothes, regardless of shape. When shopping for your clothes, however, you should keep in mind what flatters your body. For example, choosing a single-breasted jacket is perfect for women with a larger bust, and a double-breasted jacket for those who have a flatter chest. Knowing your shape will enable your tailoring to sit you to choose garments that you feel confident in. So whether you love showing off your legs or cinching in your waist, you can curate your pieces to make you feel your best.

Don’t be afraid of patterns

Carla Zampatti is known for classic black, navy, and seasonal colour block selects, but also for statement prints in delicate fabrics. An instant way to refresh your wardrobe and to create interest, is by choosing printed blouses, skirts, dresses and more. Particularly for corporate wear, your staple suits and blazers can be re-worn as the base for your look, but by using a printed top, you instantly have a new item to put into your wardrobe rotation. This style tip can also be explored through matching tones to create an on-trend tonal look. For example, wearing a red pantsuit, with the addition of a red and white printed top will have you resort ready.        


One of the easiest style tips to elevate your outfit, is to use accessories to make your look unique to you. Whether it be a statement necklace, your favourite pair of heels or a scarf, building upon your outfit with accessories is sure to make your wardrobe staples feel new. For example, adding a belt to a dress can instantly make a relaxed silhouette feel cinched in and event ready.

Look for clothes that can be worn across the year

Investing in garments that can be worn throughout all four seasons is a style tip that will never go out of fashion. Especially when purchasing designer items, it is crucial to get your wear out of them. Great options for trans-seasonal dressing include pieces that can easily be layered. Think georgette blouses or simple camisoles - these can be worn on their own in Summer but can be layered under a blazer or coat in Winter. Looking for pieces in non-specific seasonal colours, can make this style tip a breeze. For example, a white pair of trousers will look fabulous in the warmer months with a colourful top or paired with a jumper in winter for a luxe evening look.

Plan your looks when travelling

When on vacation, it is often that only on reflection, you will realise that the luggage you have packed does not include the outfit that you want (need) to wear that night. Far worse, you may have packed 5 pairs of trousers but tops that may only match with one pair. A style tip less utilised is to pre-plan your outfits when traveling. This means that instead of running through a list of tops, skirts, pants etc, that you instead think of the activities and venues you will be going to, and plan what you want to wear to them. It can also help to categorise into day looks, day-dressy looks, dinner outfits and travel outfits. Pre-planning your outfits will help you pack less, enjoy your holiday more and stay looking chic and considered. 

Dress to feel confident

The most important style tip any woman should know is that the key to looking your best is feeling your best. You will feel like you can take on the world when your outfit is on point, and this will reflect in your mood and overall performance. Carla’s mission throughout her career was focused on crafting garments to make women feel empowered and confident when wearing them. From business meetings to first dates, Carla’s number one style tip was to dress to feel confident.

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